Our Thales/KhSC specialists have arrived! Yesterday the long-awaited URALAir flight finally touched down at Krayny (after an hour delay due to fog – in Moscow!) and offloaded the key personnel needed to keep our launch campaign schedule on track. Today, along with warm, balmy weather and scintillating views of the horizon and sun, we continue standalone operations and prepare for propellant loading. During propellant loading all non-essential personnel will have downtime to continue exploring Baikonur town, rock out while playing Rock Band, or just be plain ol’ lollygaggers if they so choose. Additionally, our customer is going to don their BBQ Chef hats and kick off the first BBQ of the Ceil II campaign. Fog, cold, snow or shine – any weather is BBQ weather! Photos to follow next week (proof that we are staunch BBQ enthusiasts).

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