[img]http://www.ilslaunch.com/assets/Images/Media/W2A-Blog/FEC0019blog.jpg[/img] Fueling operations completed after a day of MON loading, a reconfiguration day for the ground support equipment, and one day to load MMH. Fuel and propellant loading completed nominally, the SC was then weighed and finalized. Thales personnel prepared the ground support equipment and SC for the mating with the Payload Adapter. In parallel to fueling and SC closeout operations, the PLA was installed on the PLA stand. The lifting beam was installed on the SC and lifted from the integration dolly and placed on the PLA. Clampband installation and tensioning completed with nominal results. After comprehensive testing, the authorization to mate the PLA and SC to the Breeze M was given by Eutelsat and KhSC. Checkout testing completed and the next day all personnel supported the SC/PLA/BM (now called the Orbital Unit) tilting into the horizontal position on the Universal stand. SC closeouts and battery charging continued and the configuration of the ground transit cables with the launch vehicle were validated. Encapsulation of the OU with the PLF halves finished and the PLF logo was affixed for the teams to sign. Next scheduled event for KhSC is to prepare the Ascent Unit (Encapsulated OU) for transportation to H111 by railcar, for integration with the Launch Vehicle.

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