Proton Rocket 1st and 2nd stage2nd Stage

Length: 17.05 m
Diameter: 4.1 m
Engine(s): Three RD-0210 and One RD-0211
Thrust: 2.4 MN
Inert Mass: 11,000 kg
Propellant: 157,300 kg
Mass: Utilizes conventional cylindrical design.

1st Stage

Length: 21.18 m
Diameter: 7.4 m
Engine(s): Six RD-276
Thrust: 10.0 MN at Sea Level
Inert Mass: 30,600 kg
Propellant: 428,300 kg
Mass: Consists of a central tank containing
oxidizer surrounded by six outboard
fuel tanks, each of which also carries
one of the six engines.


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