[b]Proton Arrival[/b] Due to the integrity, diligence and hardwork of all parties involved, the AsiaSat5 campaign is coming to fruition in a record breaking five month period. Having said this, the proton arrived at the Baikonur Cosmodrome prior to the AsiaSat5 early team and is being processed in Hall 111 as we prepare for the SC arrival. [b]Early Team Arrival[/b] After departing a very cool Moscow, the summer heat and warm breeze blowing across the Yubileiny runway was a welcome change as the Asiasat 5 Launch Campaign team all filed through the customs house, stowed our luggage in the under carriage of the big blue bus and made our way towards Area 95 which we will call home for the next several weeks. The bus ride was rather uneventful – the seasoned launch campaign professionals made use of the down time by taking a snooze in an effort to catch up on some sleep and from crossing a plethora of time zones. The “newbie’s” (of which we have quite a few this campaign) were glued to the windows staring in wonder at the endless miles of Kazakh steppes earth, dotted with patches of green. No herds of two hump camels, or wild horses to view on this bus ride. After clambering off the bus and locating our rooms at the Fili Hotel, we sauntered over to the Proton Club where we had our Safety and Security Briefings. In order for the campaign to run smoothly, we have to have a few rules, regulations and guidelines in place. Once the formalities were taken care of, there was enough time for a late dinner before calling it a day.

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