On the 5th, after completing a full day’s work, we moved on to the Proton Club auditorium where our campaign security manager presented the safety and security briefing. Following the briefing, we headed back to the Fili Hotel for a belated Independence Day BBQ. It was a fantastic way to bring all the launch campaign personnel together so that we could get to know the other people that will help make this launch a success. In short, it was a great team-building exercise! From a newbie’s perspective, it was great to have more quality time with people. At work everyone is concentrating on the jobs at hand and there is little time for chatter. This BBQ was a great way to see other sides of people and to get to know them on a more personal level and to find out how they got into the space industry. Even with the different languages being spoken, we all managed to come away with new friends and better understanding of each other. *~* On the 6th, the SC landed at Yublieiny Airfield. I just wanted to finally be able to see what the SC looks like and if it’s really as big as I have been told. I was in no way, shape or form let down. *~* Oh and about the spacecraft… Electrical and propulsion testing have already started. Photos soon…promise

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