Breeze M fuel loading was completed right on schedule late Saturday afternoon. As we like to say after every important milestone, “Everything was nominal!” Considering the hazardous nature of the load operations, “nominal” is the RIGHT answer! Time to send the integrated launch vehicle (ILV) on its final journey prior to launch: transport to Launch Pad 39. Before that can happen, all parties involved in the campaign must get together for the Rollout Commission Meeting. This is a gathering of the heads of the myriad organizations involved in launching Ciel II. They gather for an official signing of a certificate stating that everything is go for transport to the pad and that pad operations can commence. Everyone from the spacecraft contractors to the local representatives of the electric company gave their “thumbs up” on the upcoming transport.  It is also an evening to put away the typical “working uniform” of jeans and sneakers to dress up and look good in jackets and ties. It was almost hard to recognize the participants!

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