So far, all of the SC standalone operations and testing for the EchoStar XIV campaign have been nominal. This week’s SC fueling operation was no exception… uneventful!

In the past couple of days the SS/L propellant team has been the center of activities here in Baikonur. The EchoStar XIV SC required two separate and unique fueling days, one for the oxidizer load and a second day for the hydrazine fuel. Because the propellant loading is a hazardous operation, the building was cleared and all non-essential personnel spent the time enjoying some of the local culture, shopping the market in town, going to the Gagarin Museum and/or just taking in the sights around our hotel.

After seeing one of the Cosmodrome’s first computers at the Gagarin Museum, the SS/L team is really thankful for today’s improved technology. How things have changed… check out the photos!

Everyone is looking forward to Joint Operations which will start 7 March 2010.

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