SC Arrival day came expeditiously.  A SC off-load planning meeting prior to the SC arrival ensured that all parties were on the same page and that our off-load progressed with precision timing. It’s truly amazing to watch many different teams work alongside each other as though they do this on a daily basis.  Mercifully, Mother Nature was in fine form and put on a glorious winter day! Although a little chilly (nothing that a winter coat, hat, gloves and thermals could fix) the sun was shining, in an ice blue almost cloudless sky and a whisper of a breeze occasionally. Check out the photos in the photo gallery courtesy of our Inmarsat customer Dr. Franco Carnevale.

With the stars aligning and an enormous effort from all involved, our off-load was completed just as the sun set.  A welcome sigh of relief ensued from all team members…the cold sets in rather quickly when the sun departs. The train departed from the airfield with the I5F2 SC tied down snuggly, the Antonov took off bound for another locale and the team headed back to the hotel for a quick bit to eat, a little 60 minute recharge and then off to the processing facility to unpack all the GSE (ground support equipment) and finally the SC once it completed its five hour journey to the processing facility.

The herculean effort put in by the early team guaranteed the GSE was unloaded, unpacked and ready for our return, a SC happily positioned and resting in H101 also ready for our return to commence our campaign in earnest and move forward with forth-coming operations.

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