The SES-1 Early Team arrived safe and sound at Yubileiny Airfield on 27 March, where our KhSC and ZERKT friends welcomed us back for another campaign. Our team has a mix of Baikonur veterans, rookies, and even some of the spacecraft (SC) team who have previously worked other non-Proton Baikonur missions. After settling into the hotel, we started the campaign off with our inaugural coordination meeting the next morning. The day was spent getting the building configured for this campaign, certifying and verifying all support systems, and deploying all our various communications devices (radios, phone lines to the U.S., internet, and even the occasional bullhorn). With the arrival of the Breeze M on the 28th, we have all of the Proton hardware in Baikonur needed for the launch. We are now finalizing coordination and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the SC on 30 March.

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