At 10AM sharp, local time, the AN-124 carrying the SES-1 spacecraft arrived in Baikonur, and soon the front door was opened and the Orbital, ILS, SES and KhSC teams got right to work unloading the precious cargo from plane. It was a bright, sunny spring day with temperatures in the 50’s, so it was near perfect conditions for the operations. The Container was transferred over to the rail car, as well as all the campaign support equipment, including our personal gear. After transferring the SC into Building 92A50 that night, it always feels like Christmas morning as we unload our personal gear and see the goodies that we sent in. The fitcheck will start tomorrow, and it will be a very long day for all the teams, so we are looking forward to getting the SC into Hall 103A so we can start the stand alone SC processing.

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