Well, here we are six days before launch!  Everyone is getting excited as we get closer to the big day:
Last minute facility checks are being made by SSL then Saturday Khrunichev will take the spacecraft and begin the very long process of fueling the Breeze M in only one day (18 hours!). It is then off to the launch pad the following day for final preparations before liftoff.

Things have become a little crowded here what with the overlap of a new campaign and so many people, but we make do. We certainly cannot complain about food- just last week our very own Katie Donaldson spent hours in the kitchen preparing AUTHENTIC Italian pasta and sauce for over 60 team members (thanks Katie!) and tomorrow we have another good old fashioned BBQ of hamburgers and hot links.

The summer temperatures (95-102 degrees) keep us indoors until after dinner, but then many of us go outside for a nice walk, bike ride or just good conversation outside the hotel when the sun goes down and the desert breezes begin to blow. Life is good here in Baikonur, but there is no place like home…

Until next entry,

The Sirius 5 Team
P.S. Send ice!

Aloha - SES 5 Mission Photo

SES-5 Mission Encapsulation

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