Team Building

31 October 2014
As always we try to bring a little bit of home with us. Today we brought the spirit of Halloween to our small corner of the desert with a traditional ILS BBQ of ribs and tri-tip.
Everyone had a great time – especially one of our spacecraft manufacturer team members who celebrated her birthday in style – with a scary (but delicious) birthday cake with edible webs and spiders!  Everyone was happy and in good spirits – no tricks but LOTS of treats all around!


SES’s Astra 2G Spacecraft Delivered to Baikonur for ILS Proton Launch

Khrunichev Press release   SES's Astra 2G spacecraft delivered to Baikonur for ILS Proton Launch 10/29/2014 The telecommunications satellite Astra 2G, manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space (a division of the European Group Airbus Group) commissioned by the satellite operator SES of Luxembourg, was delivered from Toulouse, France to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in preparation for launch.The Antonov cargo jet with the spacecraft and ground support equipment (IEE) landed at the Yublieiny airfied this morning.


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