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Here’s what the launch team has been up to this past week. [b]25-26 August[/b] Prep-py Mcgoo vs. The Prop Monster The SC contractor has been testing and verifying that the SC is healthy, preparing to load propellants and configuring the SC for launch. While these tests are being conducted, the propellant loading team is completing their checkouts and preparing themselves and equipment for the upcoming days of fueling. [b]27 August[/b] The Gang Goes to Baikonur Some of the team members took advantage of the opportunity to visit the town of Baikonur. One of the warmer days, they were able to enjoy shopping, walk the town and concluded the trip at the local Pizza Restaurant, Palermo’s. It was a great day to get away from the Cosmodrome and sample some of the local food and shops. Arriving back, Astrium held a small barbeque at the Kometa. [b]28 August[/b] The Gang does Paperwork The team spent a very busy day reviewing the operational procedures, making sure all precautionary tasks were performed and in place, and that all essential personnel were ready to support the fueling operations. [b]29 August[/b] The Gang Gets Lifted The Nimiq 4 team was invited to view the launch of a Dnepr rocket from Area 31 of the Cosmodrome today. The warm weather and clear skies allowed us to view the rocket lift off and watch as it distanced itself from earth…like a rocket! It was simply amazing to watch the lift-off and wait for the sound to reach us. It only took seconds before it was completely out of our sight leaving only a trail of smoke as a reminder. [b]30 August[/b] The Gang Goes Overboard Building 92A-50 was reduced to essential personnel to support the first day of oxidizer loading. All teams were monitoring throughout the day as the progress of the prop team was announced via the radio. In between updates, the rest of the Nimiq 4 team enjoyed a Pétanque tournament. At the end of the day, Astrium congratulated everyone on a job well done with a banquet, inviting Khrunichev, Pinkerton security Telesat and ILS. Needless to say we worked hard enough into the night to really enjoy the rarity of a day off! [b]31 August[/b] A Day at the Museum After the Saturday night festivities and since we were all given the day “off” the gang boarded the bus for an afternoon visit to the Gagarin Museum at Baikonur Cosmodrome. Many thanks go out to Khrunichev for accommodating their visitors with a very personalized tour. The customer was very pleased to find the Launch campaign photograph of the Anik F1R which included two of our customer representatives that are supporting the Nimiq 4 launch campaign! [b]1 September[/b] The Gang Gets Relaxed Khrunichev extended an extraordinary trip deep into Kazakhstan over 1 and a half hours bus ride to “The Zone of Relaxation” for our hardworking customer. It was hard to believe the resort is located in the middle of the desert, but it does exist and provided a day of sun, cool breezes, the opportunity to swim in a lake and a pool, sulfur springs and the chance to relax, something hard to do when working on a launch campaign with such a compressed schedule. Oh did I forget to mention the customer requested the company of two ILS? It was awesome. Customer and ILS reps were very grateful to Khrunichev and our very friendly host.


Burn After Reading…

[img][/img] The team has been busy making sure things run smoothly in Baikonur, but they took some time to give us a rundown of what’s been happening as of late. Can you handle the [b]juicy details[/b] of this oh so [b]top secret[/b] info, straight from the team themselves?! [b]20 August (The Beginning…)[/b] Early Team Arrival What a warm welcome we received as our plane touched down at the Yubileyny airport. After a short stop through the customs “house” we headed to the hotel and were greeted by the remaining Inmarsat-4 F3 ILS team members. We were able to enjoy and celebrate for a few hours and then prepare for the arrival of the Main Team on 21 August followed by the NIMIQ 4 satellite on the 22nd. [b]21- 22 August (The Gathering…)[/b] Main Team and Spacecraft Arrival Main Team landed 21 August with no issues, all safe and sound. The following day the offload crew arrived at the airfield before 09:00 to watch as the Antonov carrying the NIMIQ 4 SC landed and taxied in. The crew unloaded the SC and three Sea-Land containers containing equipment and supplies for the campaign, and we watched as the crane moved the containers and eventually the SC onto the train which departed the airfield right on schedule, at exactly 14:00. Even the train was able to appreciate our compressed schedule, arriving a few hours later (but 30 minutes ahead of schedule) at the Processing Facility. The spacecraft container was offloaded from the railcar in Integration Hall 101. [b]23 August (The Tests…)[/b] SC Standalone Testing begins The cargo containers were unpacked and the satellite was gently removed from its container. Afterwards, the satellite was rolled into Hall 103A where it will be the subject of standalone operations over the next several days. [b]24 August (The Food: Good for ya, or Too Good for ya…)[/b] Work hard, eat harder – It’s time for a Mixer! We have our first Joint Operations Jamboree tonight! You’re invited to a party: Where: the FILI hotel When: 18:00 until … TBD What: cocktails, dinner and the first chance since team arrivals to catch up with past campaign colleagues and to meet the newcomers What to expect: A great time to be had by all



The Spacecraft/Ground Support Equipment, Breeze M, Proton, and the Khrunichev/ILS/Telesat/Astrium teams have all arrived safely in Baikonur. The ILS team is unpacking and getting things up and ready to go. We look forward to hearing from them once they’ve settled in. Go Nimiq 4!


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Welcome to the fourth ILS Proton launch campaign for 2008 – the launch of the EADS Astrium-built Nimiq 4 satellite for Telesat. Follow along with the launch team as they prepare for the mid-September mission.


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