Telstar 14R / Estrela do Sul 2 Launch Campaign Continues

The Telstar 14R launch campaign continues here in Baikonur.  And the words we like to hear are “on schedule” and “nominal."  Hall 103A has been very busy as the Loral team has been completing their pre-launch check list of operations.  Spacecraft electrical health checks were completed and preparations were made for the hazardous operation of fueling the SC.  So to perform this task, Loral brought in: “The Prop Team."  This is a very seasoned group of specialists, as they have been on many SSL campaigns here in Baikonur over the last year or so.  We are in good hands.  As for the launch vehicle, operations continue on schedule as well.  The Breeze M is in Area 31 for high pressure fuel loading, and the payload fairing and adapter systems are just waiting for joint operations.  The launch vehicle itself is in the cradle going thru its final electrical checkouts in Hall 111.  And just to give you a bit of perspective on the size of Hall 111, there are three full launch vehicles being processed at this time.  Incredible.  Next up:  Joint operations!


Ahh, Springtime and Telstar 14R!

Well, the inaugural launch campaign of 2011 has begun and its spring time in Baikonur.  The main team arrived at Baikonur Cosmodrome on Sunday, followed by the remainder of the Khrunichev team arriving on Tuesday, and everyone is here to get the campaign underway.  With the launch of the Telstar 14REstrela do Sul 2 satellite only a few weeks away, everyone is in work mode.  With the on-time arrival of the spacecraft, Wednesday at 10:00 am, all necessary hardware is now in building 92A-50.  The launch vehicle is sitting in Hall 111 undergoing final checkouts and the spacecraft has been transferred to Hall 103A for electrical health checks and the various other stand alone operations scheduled.  And after this first hectic week of preparations and equipment moves, everyone is settling in to the choreographed schedule of launch operations.  As it is a special holiday weekend around the world, many of the team will gather together for a special celebration dinner on Saturday night.  Happy Easter from Baikonur!


Welcome to the Telstar 14R Blog!

Welcome to the 1st ILS Proton launch campaign of 2011 – the commercial launch of the Space Systems/Loral-built, Telstar 14R/Estrela do Sul 2 satellite for Telesat. Follow along with the mission team as they prepare for the launch.


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