It has been about 1 week since our return to Baikonur and everyone is beginning to settle in.  ILS, Pinkerton, Intelsat, and Orbital were able to enjoy a chilly, but delicious BBQ, followed by a small bonfire to keep us warm from the first signs of fall.  Aside from BBQs, the daily life is not so different as it is from home-wherever that might be.  Every day starts off with a hearty breakfast-your choice of eggs, bacon, cereal, toast and jam, or maybe just some fruit.  As Tom from ILS can show us, Baikonur mornings are a happy time.  After breakfast it is time to get to work, which mostly takes place at Building 92A-50.  Just like any weekday morning at home, there is always traffic.  Baikonur, believe it or not, has its own kind of traffic…have you ever heard of a traffic jam from a stampede of camels?  Well, maybe Baikonur daily life is a little different from home.  After a hard day’s work, campaign participants head back to the hotels to unwind.  Some throw the football around, others exercise, and others gather for movie nights!  All of this fun and we get to do it all over again the next day!?  My, my do we have it made.

Intelsat 23 Campaign - Breakfast in Baikonur  Intelsat 23 Campaign - Camel Stampede -Traffic Jam    Intelsat 23 Campaign - Watching TV in Baikonur



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