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BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, Dec. 29, 2008 — Distinguished members of the Space Center! Dear Colleagues, a toast to the New Year. The history of 2008 is unique and rich with milestones.  This past year has brought us joy and frustration, concerns and good luck, a lot of difficult challenges and lessons to address them. In a symbolic gesture of the last twelve months, we can rightly say that we have lived it with dignity.  Khrunichev has held a number of start-up campaigns in the framework of international space programs, as well as took an active part in the implementation of the federal space program and national space projects.  We have created a serious and lasting foundation for upcoming launches and once again demonstrated to our foreign and Russian colleagues, that our company is a reliable partner in the implementation of joint projects.

Dear Colleagues,  in these pre-hours I sincerely want to thank all the members of the team Khrunichev for the tremendous work done in the past year, for all that has been done and achieved.  Each success is the result of your daily work, understanding, and the patience and care for your loved ones.

New Year – this is a holiday that has been and will remain a symbol of goodness and hope.  And we, with good reason, believe the best.  I would very much like to see all of our expectations come true, as the New Year brings joy and good changes.  I am sure that everything we planned for will happen, even things that have never been done before, we will do.

Dear friends!  In the beginning days of the New Year, everywhere, there is a special atmosphere of joy and happiness.  Let these feelings stay with us all year, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in every home, and enabling everyone to succeed.

 Let 2009 bring you prosperity and strengthen your confidence in the future!
 I wish you and your family good health, happiness, peace and prosperity!
 Happy New Year!

— The Director-General GKNPTS on behalf of MV Khrunichev 
 VE  Nesterov

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