(From Khrunichev Press Release)

BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan November 25, 2010 – In this early phase of the campaign, spacecraft stand-alone tests and pre-planned processing of the Proton Breeze M, the payload fairing and the adapter system are under way at the 92A-50 Integration and Test Facility (ITF).

Khrunichev has completed the first cycle of Breeze M tests to make this Upper Stage available for rollout to the fueling shed where Breeze M’s high pressure tanks will be pressurized.

The Breeze M unit was moved earlier today to the fueling area located in the immediate proximity to 92A-50.  Tank pressurization is scheduled to begin tomorrow.

Once fueling operations are completed, the Breeze M will be moved back to the ITF where it will be reinstalled on the test bed for the continuation of standalone check-outs.

KA-SAT is to be fueled by Astrium next week.

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