The SS/ Loral Propulsion Team completed their fuel and oxidizer loading operations over the weekend in a very efficient manner. They were all back at the hotel before the rest of us even had time to realize they were gone.

Since 92A-50 is closed during propellant loading, many people took a rare day off to go into Baikonur Town. Being the first weekend after the Autumnal Equinox, the Town held its Fall Festival. It was reported that the Town was much livelier than usual and everyone had a great time at the Market and catching time for a pizza at Palermo’s.

The completion of propellant loading was celebrated by a barbeque hosted by SS/ Loral. The event was made even more unique with the crowning of several people with Kazakh hats, brought by the head of the Russian fueling team.

With the SC loaded with propellant, SC standalone operations are winding down. Everyone is preparing for a couple of long days at the beginning of joint operations on Friday.


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