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Launch Services

When you choose ILS Proton to launch your satellite, you will receive the highest level of service and attention. Our dedicated account team will work with you to identify the optimal launch solution and tailor the mission based on your specific requirements.

ILS offers comprehensive launch services in partnership with Khrunichev State Research and Production Center (Khrunichev), a pillar of the Russian space industry for more than 95 years. The benefits of the ILS and Khrunichev Partnership include:

  • A record of sustainability – with a concurrent Federal program and strong support from the Russian Federation, Khrunichev is a solid partner, with a history of achievement in aerospace
  • Supply chain strength – Khrunichev is now one of the core centers in the Russian Space Center consolidation effort; up to 70 percent of all suppliers and manufacturers of the Proton system are now under Khrunichev’s purview
  • Schedule assurance Dedicated launch vehicles require no waiting for companion payloads. Mulitple launch pads allow for increased reliability.
  • Flexibility - Demonstrated ability to meet Customers' changing needs.
  • Proton's evolutionary improvements – The Proton launch vehicle's phased development continues with marked improvements to performance
  • Healthy foundation ILS and Khrunichev have a solid financial foundation and launch rate.
  • Transparency – ILS and Khrunichev provide Quarterly Reports and Annual Briefings to both the Customer and the insurance communities.

Account Teams

Each Account Team is comprised of both ILS and Khrunichev members who work with each Customer to identify the optimal launch solution that best supports the Customer's business and program objectives. Each expert on the team contributes to the overall solution and guides the process from the initial marketing consultations through the launch and post-flight activities. There is no transfer of responsibility or accountability from one business element to another that could disrupt continuity of service to the Customer. The following lists the members of the dedicated account team.

  • The ILS Account Executive’s primary responsibility is as the senior ILS representative whom the Customer can consult on any issue.
  • The ILS Program and Mission Management team members are responsible for the day-to-day management of the mission integration process from inception of technical requirements in the contract to launch and post-launch reporting.
  • The ILS Business Management team members will assist in all contractual, insurance and finance matters for the launch service.
  • The ILS Licensing and Regulatory team members obtain and manage all appropriate launch Technical Assist Agreements required for export of ITAR controlled technical information.
  • The Khrunichev Program and Integration teams provide all Proton related hardware, mission integration support and other products and services required.  In direct support of the ILS Program Director, a Khrunichev Program Director and integration team are assigned. These members of the team work with the ILS Program Director to ensure that all the technical Customer needs are met, from program inception through post-launch activities and reports. The Khrunichev Program Director ensures the integrity of the Proton launch vehicle for the mission and management of the recurring integration (including ICD action item resolution), manufacturing, and launch operations required for the program.
  • The Customer Relations, Marketing and Communications team provide support for launch viewing at Baikonur, publicity, and marketing material for the launch campaign.


Launch Vehicle – Proton

ILS Proton Breeze M Launch Vehicle

Thor 5 Rocket launch

ILS utilizes Russia's heavy-lift rocket, the Proton. The Proton launch vehicle has a history of success dating back to 1965. It has been used in more than 390 launches and has a 95 percent reliability record.

ILS and the Russian government combine to launch about 12 flights a year. This represents the most robust launch tempo in the industry for a single launcher system.


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For more information on the Proton Launch Vehicle and launch services provided by ILS, please view the following:

ILS and Khrunichev are dedicated to the success of your mission. For further information on launching with ILS please contact us.


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