29 April: Joint Operations, SC/PLA mating, Propulsion Team packs up [img]http://www.ilslaunch.com/assets/Images/Media/IndoStar-II-ProtoStar-II-Blog/Fitcheckblog.jpg[/img] [b]Photo:[/b] [i]SC Mating Verification[/i] Joint Operations began at 06h00 once Boeing prepared and moved the fueled SC from H103A to H101. In H101, the lifting sling was installed and the SC was mounted onto the PLA. RUAG then installed, tensioned and verified tensioning of the clampband. To me that just sounds like an ABBA song. We celebrated (early) the arrival of the RUAG specialists by having a “Mamma Mia” movie night. They wrote songs about everything, no wonder everyone loves them. After a quick lunch break KhSC mated the electrical umbilical connectors and installed the MLI on the PLA. Boeing configured the electrical test setups and they have a battery charging scheduled to finish before work begins tomorrow. KhSC has also extended an invitation to tour H111 tomorrow, since most of the Boeing team will be heading back to the States. In parallel, the Boeing Propulsion Team, continued with propellant equipment decontamination in H103A. They will finish out by tomorrow.

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