Nimiq 6 | Mobile Service Tower

A great day to head to the 8th floor of the Mobile Service Tower as we conducted a Radio Frequency check between the Control room and Tower simulating the spacecraft. This is essentially a detailed safety exercise and also ensures that data is not compromised.
There was also a couple of nesting hawks taking turns flying off on food runs, while looking at us as if we were were intrusive squatters.


Nimiq 6 | Stand Alone Operations Complete… Check!

The standalone operations have quickly drawn to a close. The propellant (prop) team has methodically and flawlessly completed the critical operation of fueling the spacecraft (SC). This milestone also signifies the preparations for joint operations. All SC electrical testing was completed, and final pre-launch closeouts and inspections are underway. The spacecraft was then lifted onto the transporter for the short journey from Hall 103A to Hall 101.


Nimiq 6 | We Have Arrived!

The Nimiq 6 spacecraft (SC) arrived at Yubileiny Airfield on schedule on 16 April.  It was a sunny and a bit chilly day, but operations at the airfield were completed and the SC arrived in Hall 103A safely.  The satellite is healthy and currently in standalone operations in Hall 103A, while the launch vehicle is sitting in Hall 111 undergoing final checkouts. After this first hectic week of preparations and equipment moves, everyone is settling in to the choreographed schedule of launch operations.


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