ILS Successfully Launches W3A Satellite; 2nd Launch in Less Than A Week

BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, March 16, 2004 – A Russian Proton rocket successfully placed the Eutelsat W3A satellite into orbit this morning, marking the second mission in three days for International Launch Services (ILS).This was the first flight of the year for the Khrunichev-built Proton vehicle, which has carried out more than 300 missions for the Russian government and commercial customers over nearly 40 years.


Proton Launch Advisory: W3A

 March 8, 2004
Payload: W3A satellite
Eurostar E3000 platform
Separated mass: approx. 4,250 kg (9,370 lbs)Launch Vehicle: Proton M/Breeze M
Weight at liftoff: 691,272 kg (1.5 million lbs), including payload
Height: 61 m (200 ft)


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