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Aleksey VAROCHKO has been appointed to the position of acting Director General of Federal State Enterprise "GKNPTS named after M.V. Khrunichev" (Khrunichev Space Center).

Today, June 28, 2017, Director General of Roscosmos State Corporation Igor KOMAROV introduced the new chief executive to the Khrunichev Space Center staff:

"Andrey KALINOVSKY began implementing the program of financial rejuvenation of the enterprise, and much has already been done in the Khrunichev Space Center. Alexei VAROCHKO, who has worked in the aerospace industry for many years and headed the "Motor" Design Bureau for a long time, will continue the transformation efforts. Alexey Grigorievitch is a true professional and competent leader and I am confident that under his leadership, one of the largest companies in the industry will continue to develop steadily" ***

VAROCHKO Aleksey Grigorievich was born on March 28, 1955 in the village of Borodinka (Bryansk region). He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (1982), majoring in Aircraft Electrical Equipment, Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (1987), specializing in Automotive Electronics.

1975: Worked as an assembler of products at Khrunichev mechanical engineering plant.

1982 – 2017: After graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute he joined Motor Design Bureau (now – a branch of TsENKI), where he worked his way up from an engineer to the Director General – Chief Designer:

2001 – 2009: First Deputy Director General and Chief Designer of Motor Design Bureau.

2009 – 2010: First Deputy Director of the branch of TsENKI – Motor Design Bureau.

2010 – 2015: Director and Chief Designer of the branch of TsENKI – Motor Design Bureau.

2015 – Present: Deputy Director General of TsENKI (Cosmodromes of Russia) for production development – Director and Chief Designer of TsENKI branch – Motor Design Bureau. Doctor of Economics, Professor, was awarded the Medal of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland", II Degree (1995).

Motor Design Bureau, a TsENKI subsidiary, is a modern, stable enterprise with significant creative and scientific and technical potential. Motor operates its own production, research and testing facilities, manufactures modern science-intensive equipment, and provides commissioning and warranty maintenance services. Motor’s main area of expertise is ground support equipment for missile and launch vehicle systems.

The main specialization is conducting research and development work for production of bench testing and lifting and transportation ground equipment for aerospace complexes, development of systems for pneumatic-hydraulic and plastic damping, environmental control systems, propellant loading systems, power supply, monitoring, operation and modernization of ground infrastructure facilities at Baikonur and Plesetsk spaceports, as well as supporting all phases of development of aerospace systems hardware.

Many examples of equipment designed within the walls of the Design Bureau are unique in their technical solutions and have become critical in the development of an entire class of special-purpose machinery. Motor Design Bureau was directly involved in the development of ground support equipment for Proton, H-1, MRKK Energia-Buran, Soyuz processing facilities and launch complexes.

Due to the significant amount of work carried out for the author's and warranty supervision, the extension of the service life, most of the listed types of equipment designed within the walls of Motor Design Bureau still find application in the processing of new-generation aerospace complexes.

In recent years, the Design Bureau has developed sets of mechanical equipment for the Angara launch complex and Soyuz Guiana Space Center.

Today Motor Design Bureau, a subsidiary of TsENKI, reliably retains its traditional specialization and has a solid scientific and technical potential.

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The State Space Research and Production Center named after M.V. Khrunichev "(" Khrunichev Center ") is a primary research and production enterprise of the Russian aerospace industry (it is part of ROSKOSMOS organization).

Since the beginning of the space era, Khrunichev occupied a leading position in the field of rocketry and manned space exploration, being one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of launch vehicles (launch vehicles, upper stages), large-size orbital modules and space stations. The company has been operating in the launch services market for over 25 years, supporting launches of almost all existing types of spacecraft.

Khrunichev participates in the implementation of international, national and commercial projects on the study of the Earth, as well as exploration and development of outer space. Among the customers and partners of the company are space agencies, commercial organizations, industrial enterprises and satellite operators from almost 40 countries. The company's strategy is aimed at expanding the product line by developing economically innovative products to meet market demands.

Practically 90 years of experience in the field of development and successful implementation of innovative technologies in aviation, rocketry and cosmonautics allow the Khrunichev Center to successfully solve complex problems.

Main areas of activities:

– Development, manufacturing and operation of launch vehicle hardware and systems: boosters, upper stages, payload fairings, adapter systems.

– Launch services for injection of a wide range of payloads to all major near-earth orbits and departure trajectories for implementation of federal programs and international contracts.

– Development, manufacturing, launching and maintenance of heavy space modules and manned orbital stations

– Participation in the implementation of national space programs of foreign countries and large-scale international projects

Since 2014, as part of the systemic reorganization of the Russian space industry, the Khrunichev Center is gradually implementing a new production strategy.

The top priority tasks include optimization of the organizational structure; establishment of competence centers based on product features with a fundamentally new high-tech production.

The Khrunichev Center employs more than 26,000 people, while about 10,000 employees work at the facility in Moscow.

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