[b]9-13 May:[/b] Victory Day, ILV closeouts, BM Fueling, Roll-out to Pad 39 & Verticalization [img]http://www.ilslaunch.com/assets/Images/Media/IndoStar-II-ProtoStar-II-Blog/WW2-Memorialblog.jpg[/img] [b]Photo:[/b] [i]WW2 Memorial[/i] [b]9 May:[/b] ILS/ProtoStar/Boeing hosted a celebration for Victory Day. KhSC was not authorized to work on this day so we all enjoyed a much needed day off. Well most of us did, we kept the cooks busy! [b]10 May:[/b] Work resumed in H111, closeouts and testing by Boeing and KhSC from H111 kept most of the team busy. KhSC is working on a compressed schedule in order to have the ILV into the BM Fueling station by early morning on 11 May. By the end of the day, the ILV was transferred onto the erector that will travel via train to the BM fueling Station. [b]11-12 May:[/b] Breeze M high pressure fueling took place nominally. The state commission gave the authorization to roll the IndoStar II/ProtoStar II Launch Vehicle to the pad. [b]13 May:[/b] Roll out from the Breeze M fueling station was at 06h30 this morning, as is the tradition. Team members gathered on the launch pad around 09h30 to watch the ILV lift into its vertical position. Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical connections were made, the MST was rolled up to the erected ILV, RF link checks were successful and the PLF blankets were removed. Final checkouts and preparations will continue until for the next few days.

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