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Rollout to Breeze M Fueling!

On a very cold February 9th, at approximately 8:00am, the Proton rocket with TURKSAT-4A left Hall 111 via railcar heading for the Breeze M fueling station.  After two days, fueling is now complete and rollout to Launch Pad 24 will take place tomorrow.  Some team members took the opportunity to visit the Gagarin Museum today.  The museum is located within the Baikonur Cosmodrome and houses many artifacts including a Sputnik model, Yuri Gagarin’s uniform as well as a Russian Buran Space Shuttle replica.   


Unpacking and Moving In!

Today’s activities included unpacking and inspection of the TURKSAT-4A spacecraft (SC) from its shipping container in Hall 101.  Later tonight the SC will be moved to Hall 103A where it will begin testing.  Concurrently, operations with the Proton launch vehicle and the Breeze M are proceeding nominally in Hall 111 and Hall 101 respectively.
Today we also welcomed the visiting members from the Secretary of Communications and Transportation of Mexico, MEXSAT, for a site visit of Baikonur.  Similar to TURKSAT and MELCO, MEXSAT is a first time ILS customer.  ILS is very proud to host new customers and eager to show MEXSAT the Baikonur Cosmodrome facilities.


Proton Successfully Launches a Russian Federal Satellite

Moscow, Russia, December 26, 2013 – Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (Khrunichev) announced the successful Proton M Breeze M launch of the Express-AM5 communications satellite for the Russian Federation today. This was the 10th Proton launch this year and the 393rd Proton launch overall since its maiden flight in 1965. The satellite was built by ISS-Reshetnev and MDA.


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