EchoStar VI Launch Successful

CAPE CANAVERAL Air Station, Fla., July 14, 2000 – A Lockheed Martin Atlas IIAS rocket roared into space early this morning from Complex 36 Pad B, successfully placing the Space Systems/Loral-built EchoStar VI satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit. Liftoff occurred right on time at 1:21 a.m. EDT followed by successful spacecraft separation just under 30 minutes later. It was the sixth straight successful Atlas launch of 2000 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the 52nd consecutive successful flight of Atlas.


Atlas Successfully Launches EchoStar V Communications Satellite

CAPE CANAVERAL Air Station, Fla., Sept. 23, 1999 – A Lockheed Martin Astronautics Atlas IIAS rocket successfully launched EchoStar V, a commercial communication satellite that will be operated by EchoStar Communications Corp. based in Littleton, CO. The satellite was placed into geosynchronous transfer orbit after a 2:02 a.m. EDT liftoff from Complex 36, Pad A. It was the third successful Atlas launch of 1999 from Cape Canaveral Air Station and the 44th consecutive successful flight of Atlas.


EchoStar Launches Awarded to Atlas and Proton

SAN DIEGO, May 30, 1996 – International Launch Services (ILS) formally signed a contract today to provide launch services to EchoStar Communications Corp. on each of its two launch vehicles, the Lockheed Martin Atlas and the Russian-built Proton. An Atlas IIAS will launch EchoStar’s third high-power direct broadcast satellite in the time period September 1997 through November 1997, and a Proton will launch EchoStar IV in the first quarter of 1998.


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