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ILS Legacy

Setting the standard for Russian-American space cooperation, International Launch Services is an unparalleled success in the space industry.

History of ILS

Space History, ILS and KhrunichevCreated in 1995, ILS has played a pivotal role in the history of rocketry and satellite launches – we’ve worked with more than 45 companies in 22 countries, launching more than 415 missions.

Not only have we set the standard for Russian-American space cooperation, we’ve had unparalled success in the industry due to our core values:

  • Reliable: offering quality, heritage systems that are vertically integrated
  • Dedicated: customer focused; steady production and launch rates
  • Stable: sustainable business model spanning more than 20 years
  • Flexible: demonstrated ability to meet customers’ changing needs
  • Competitive: in services, price, terms and conditions

The Proton Launch Vehicle

ILS Proton 50th Anniversary EmblemILS utilizes Russia's heavy-lift rocket, the Proton. The Proton launch vehicle has a history of success dating back to 1965 with more than 415 launches to date.

Browse through all of our launches at our Proton Launch Archives.

For more information please see our Proton Mission Planners’ Guide (PDF) and our Proton Breeze M Brochure (PDF).

Get Started on Your Next Mission

ILS and Khrunichev are dedicated to the success of your mission. For further information on launching with ILS please contact us.

The Proton Launch Vehicle

DIRECTV Commercial Satellite Proton Rocket LaunchILS offers a modular 2-stage commercial launcher to address market and customer-driven demand for cost effective access to space for satellites in the 5 metric ton range.

With the Proton Breeze M, the broader GEO satellite market is served with one family of vehicles.

Angara 1.2 Enters the Commercial Market

Angara 1.2 Lift-offILS markets the Angara 1.2 launch service to global commercial and governmental marketplace for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Sun-Synchronous (SSO) missions.

Commercial satellite operators, as well as Space Agencies around the world can now utilize the new capabilities of the latest launch vehicle developed by Khrunichev.

For more information please see our Angara 1.2 Brochure (PDF), Payload Fairing (PDF), Service Module (JPEG) and LEO Performance (JPEG)

For more information on launch services provided by ILS, view our Proton Mission Planner's Guide.

History of Khrunichev

Khrunichev logoKhrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (Khrunichev), a Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE), has been a longstanding leader in the advancement of space programs. Founded in 1916 and headquartered in Moscow, Khrunichev’s varied product lines include launch vehicles and launch vehicle upper stages, communication and earth observation satellites, rocket engines and space station modules.

Over time, Khrunichev has emerged as one of the world’s largest space production centers, serving the international satellite telecommunication industry as well as Russian Federal and international space programs, working with 45 different companies in 22 countries across the globe.

ILS and Khrunichev are dedicated to the success of your mission. For further information on launching with ILS please contact us.

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