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Proton Variants: Proton Medium and Proton Light Vehicles

Expanding the Proton Family to Serve the Broader GEO Market: Proton Medium and Proton Light

ILS is now offering a modular line of 2-stage commercial launchers to address market and customer-driven demand for cost effective access to space for satellites in the 3-5 metric ton range. This launch vehicle product line—with the Proton Medium and the Proton Light—is derived directly from the flight-proven Proton Breeze M system. With the Proton Breeze M, the broader GEO satellite market is served with one family of vehicles.
The development of this expanded Proton product line was simplified by restricting the vehicle modifications to maintain a modular design with minimal changes to existing flight proven Proton propulsion and guidance, navigation and control (GNC) systems. The design solution is achieved through the elimination of the existing 2nd stage, minor lengthening of the remaining two booster stages and no modifications to the Breeze M upper stage. The removal of the existing 2nd stage with four engines for the Proton Medium and the additional elimination of two 1st stage engines and associated tanks for the Proton Light provides an elegant design solution to reduce cost and increase the overall design reliability of the expanded Proton product line.

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