Spacecraft Status and Completion of the Kosmos Hotel

The SES-3 (OS-2) spacecraft  is being prepared for fueling, which will take place 25 and 27 June (Baikonur time).  All testing and operations up to this point have been nominal.  The Breeze M upper stage engine, is installed on the tilter in preparation for joint operations with Khrunichev, which will begin on 29 June (BKR), marking another milestone in the SES-3 (OS-2) campaign.


Mechanical Fitcheck

After the SES-3 (OS-2) spacecraft was removed from its container, the mechanical fitcheck commenced.  The mechanical fitcheck verifies the mechanical interface to the adapter ring, including the clearances for the umbilical connectors and adapter harness.  During this operation, two specialists from RUAG worked in conjunction with Orbital mechanical engineers.  Once the fitcheck was complete and all connections were verified, Orbital engineers transferred the spacecraft to Hall 103A for stand-alone testing.


SES-3 Spacecraft Arrival and Offload

On June 9, the SES-3 (OS-2) team journeyed to Yubileiny Airfield to await the arrival of the Antonov 124 aircraft, which was delivering a precious cargo of the SES-3 (OS-2) spacecraft and several M2 containers of campaign support equipment and supplies.  The giant Antonov touched down at 14:15 in clear skies to a picture-perfect landing.  Khrunichev quickly put its skilled team in action to offload the spacecraft and cargo onto railcars.  Joining forces with ILS and Orbital,  offload was accomplished in record time – just 4 hours. 


SES-3 Campaign Kicks Off!

The SES-3 (OS-2) launch campaign team arrived in Baikonur on Sunday, June 5.  As they stepped off the charter aircraft at the Yubeleiny Airfield at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, they were greeted with high, dry heat and gusty winds – true desert weather.  No one could complain though, as the weather in Virginia was even hotter and humid to boot!


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