Centenario | Noteable Reference

Today is a very special anniversary for ILS and a notable one for the commercial launch industry: the anniversary of the first commercial ILS Proton launch with SES’s Astra 1F satellite 19 years ago today. With 88 commercial flights to date, we thank our global customers for their continued support and trust in ILS Proton.


ILS Proton marks its 19 Year Anniversary of Maiden Flight

Today marks a special anniversary for ILS and the commercial launch industry: the 19 year anniversary of the first commercial ILS Proton flight with SES's Astra 1F satellite on April 9, 1996. Since that historic launch, ILS has conducted 88 commercial launches to date, enabling the deployment of satellite communications across the world.


Centenario | Welcome to Baikonur BBQ

Being away from family and friends for launch campaign especially during significant holidays is never an easy thing.  As a way to welcome our first time customer, the mission team and to cap off an impeccable start to launch campaign operations, Boeing did what they also do best…threw some meat on the barbie and produced an outstanding good ole fashioned American barbeque!
This team building exercise was an unparalleled success!


Centenario | SC Off-Load

A cool and breezy spring day provided the back drop for the arrival of the Antonov carrying the Centenario SC. The amalgamated teams performed effortlessly to have a flawless off-load with the SC arriving safe and sound via train at the 92A50 processing facility at 0100 on 3 April. After some well-deserved rest, the respective teams were back in action and successfully performed the SC fitcheck prior to transferring the SC into H103A for SC standalone processing.
A job well done!


Centenario | Main Team Arrival

The weather was cold but clear for our arrival on April Fools Day, and the start of the Centenario launch campaign. We were happy to find no pranks waiting for us when we landed! The Proton LV is currently being assembled in Hall 111, with the Breeze M, PLF, and PLA all being prepped in Hall 101. The Centenario spacecraft has been loaded on the Antonov-124 and is en route to Baikonur from LAX.


ILS at Satellite 2015

SATELLITE 2015’s annual launchers panel returned this year with the leaders of the world’s largest commercial launch providers turning their attention to the course of innovation. The panel, entitled “Next-Gen Rockets and Vehicles Revealed!” was moderated by Ms. Shirisha Bandla, Associate Director, Commercial Spaceflight Federation. The discussion centered around the industry-wide push to remain on the cutting edge of technology with the ultimate mission of providing easier and more affordable access to space. President of ILS, Phil Slack, and other leading launch services providers, participated as a panelist and provided an update from ILS’ perspective.


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