The launch of a Proton launch vehicle with the EUTELSAT 9B satellite has been delayed two days due to weather-related logistical issues associated with the nominal delivery of the second stage solid retro rockets. The launch vehicle processing continues without any technical issues, including the retro rockets, and the spacecraft remains in a safe configuration at the launch site.


Joint Operations has begun!

There you have it….as Sunday 13 Dec draws to a close, so does Day 1 of Joint Operations for the E9B launch campaign.  Our day started early, Airbus prepared and transferred the fully fueled SC from Hall 103A thru to Hall 101.  Once in H101 a plethora of operations took place prior to the actual lifting of the SC and mating with the KhSC Payload Adapter.  The remainder of the day has been spent connecting umbilicals, running a battery of electrical tests, and finalizing preparations prior to the lifting and mating with our Breeze-M.  It has been a day of multiple teams of specialists performing incredibly detail orientated work.  Tonight’s operations will close with another electrical test and review of test results. 
Tomorrow Monday 14 Dec will be Day 2 of Joint Operations and yes…you guessed it, another early kick-off for the day.


Full Steam Ahead!

The last three days have been a beehive of activity in Hall 101 as teams have come and gone to perform a multitude of operations to ensure that the SC and Breeze-M are healthy, verified and ready for upcoming operations.  The cumulation of all these operations will be an encapsulated SC/Breeze M thus transforming into our E9B AU (Ascent Unit)…aka the pointy piece (nose cone) of the launch vehicle.


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