Operations on Point

Our team is full steam ahead in our campaign preparations. Both the SC and LV have been undergoing the gauntlet of tests necessary for a healthy SC and LV also known as stand-alone operations.


Fond Farwell

It is with a certain catch in our throats that the Intelsat 31 mission team bid a heartfelt and fond farewell to our long standing friend, mentor, colleague Mr. Alexey Popov.


Launch Vehicle at 92A50

Good day here at launch campaign….after much anticipation and daily updates on its journey, our ISDLA-2 launch vehicle has arrived safe and sound at 92A50 and it’s 12 railcars are now being off-loaded into H111 for processing.


Team Building

With the initial flurry of activity completed, the SC housed in H103A and running thru the gauntlet of tests, our first team building exercise was held….a welcome to Baikonur BBQ.  The team dined on ribs, chicken and hot links in addition to a plethora of nibbles and side dishes.   By nights end old friends had caught up and new friends had been made.  Not only do SSL build great SC they are also seasoned BBQ Masters! It’s a win/win for all on this mission.


Early Team Arrival

We had optimal start to our Intelsat 31 campaign in Moscow…team members were bright eyed and bushy tailed for our 0730 hotel pickup.  Sufficiently full from a delish breakfast, luggage stowed, the bus drivers made short work of the journey to Domodevedeo airport to catch our charter.  We were all pleasantly surprised to have barely any traffic on the road…it definitely helps that it was a) early and b) a Saturday morning.


ILS at 32nd National Space Symposium

The Space Symposium has brought together space leaders from around the world to discuss, address and plan for the future of space since the inaugural event in 1984. With 11,000 participants, The Space Symposium has become widely known as the premier U.S. space policy and program hosting representatives from global commercial, government, civil and military programs.


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